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Niagara Falls, ON

Bed & Breakfast
Bed of Roses Bed and Breakfast 4877 River Road 905-356-0529
Creekside Cottage 4949 Lyons Creek Parkway
Rainbow Bed & Breakfast 4436-4438 John St 905-356-2165
Ace of Hearts 4434 Philips St. 905-374-8707
Always Inn 4327 Simcoe Street 1-800-700-6665

Ambiance by the Falls 4467 John St. 905-374-4314
Andrea's B&B 4286 Simcoe St. 905-374-4776
Angel's Hideaway 4360 Simcoe St. 905-354-1119
Bedham Hall Bed and Breakfast 4835 River Road 905-374-8515
Blue Gables 4305 Simcoe Street 905-356-6836
Butterfly Manor 4917 River Road
Cairngorm Bed and Breakfast 5395 River Road 905-354-4237
Chestnut Inn 4983 River Road 905-374-7623
Cooper's 5725 Robinson St. 905-354-1823
Danner House Bed and Breakfast 12549 Niagara River Parkway 905-295-1805
Eastwood Tourist Lodge 5359 River Road 905-354-8686
Ellis House 4284 Ellis St. 905-358-0336
Evergreens 905-354-0532
Fairbanks House 4965 River Road 1-866-246-6616
Glen Mhor Guesthouse 5381 River Road 905-354-2600
Gretna Green 5077 River Road 905-357-2081
Greystone Manor 4939 River Road 905-374-7840
Hadden Hall 5389 River Road 905-353-1117
Homestead Inn 5491 River Road 905-356-6728
Lion’s Head Bed and Breakfast 5239 River Road 905-374-1681
Malak Hospitality 5904 Garner Road 905-371-9269
Niagara Falls Guest House 4487 John Street 905-356-9037
Niagara Inn 4300 Simcoe Street 905-353-8522
Park Place B&B 4851 River Road 905-358-0279
Stoneleigh Guest House 5127 River Road 905-357-5116
Strathaird 4372 Simcoe Street 905-358-3421
The Doc's Inn 4711 Zimmerman Ave. 905-357-4266
Trillium 5151 River Road 905-354-3863
Victorian Charm 6028 Culp Street 905-357-4221
Villa Alexandrea 5287 River Road 905-374-2803


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