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Tel: (905) 563-9098
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.vprocare.com

  • dries quickly (hours, not days)
  • doesn't soak carpets
  • prevents mold growth
  • uses non-toxic cleaners
  • is safe for carpets
  • cleans gently & thoroughly
  • is safe for those with allergies and pets
  • is environmentally friendly

For the best carpet cleaning, call V. Pro-Care for a free estimate!

The Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System cleans beautifully and is the healthiest and safest way to clean your carpets and upholstery.

The Von Schrader system cleans by using fluffy, dry foam which suspends the soil separated from the carpet fabric by the gentle brushes. The dirt and foam are then removed immediately by a powerful vacuum action.

Because of the low moisture involved in this process, carpets will not shrink, warp or have mildew or mold growth common to other carpet cleaning methods. All of the detergents used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

V. Pro-Care offers carpet, upholstery, leather and commercial cleaning services throughout the Niagara and Hamilton Regions of Ontario. If you want your carpets or upholstery cleaned right the first time, call V. Pro-Care

V. Pro Care also provides commercial janitorial services and floor stripping & waxing. If you need these services, just visit their website for more information!

Here's a testimonial from a customer:

"We gave our cat away to a new home because of my increasing allergic reactions to the cat's dander. Joe at V. Pro Care was recommended to us by a friend and we called him to provide an estimate. My wife and I were amazed that to clean our entire house, Joe's service cost less than the other steam cleaning companies we had called, although he said that it would take more time for him to do a thorough cleaning.

I've had carpets steam cleaned before, and they were usually soaking wet when the cleaners left. The system Joe used left the carpets a little damp after being cleaned, and they were completely dry in a couple of hours. This was really convenient as I have a home office. Joe also cleaned some of our couches where the cat used to sleep. I know he did a good job as my brother-in-law who was really allergic to our cat, fell asleep on the couch and didn't have any allergic reactions like he used to. V. Pro Care is the only company that I would think of recommending to my friends. They're great people, the service is less expensive than the other companies we called, they do a great job cleaning carpets and the carpets aren't soaked when they're done. Thanks for a great job, Joe!"

Mark Kawabe
Thorold, Ontario


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