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Bed & Breakfasts in St. Catharines

The Bed and Breakfasts listed below are not advertisers. In the interest of providing a comprehensive list, we have included them in our directory but we only list their names, addresses and phone number. If you are a B&B owner and would like to advertise, click here.

Bed and Breakfast
Bala Place B&B 6 Bala Place 905-938-1873
Bryar Glen 4 Pyramid Place 905-684-2681
Cartier Place 28 Cartier Dr. 905-937-2422
Cooke's B&B at Highbourne House 5 Michigan Ave. 905-938-1252
Eden 186 Main St. 905-934-9782
Fairview at Rockway, The 3241 Ninth St. RR #1
905-685-4653 or
Feast of Fields Vineyard B&B RR #1 905-562-0151
Georgian Manor 30 Yates St. 905-684-9902
Harbour Heights B&B 6 Harbour Heights 905-934-8118
Hayock’s on the Lake 43 Ann St. 905-934-7106
Heritage House 29 Edmund St. 905-682-1441
Inn on the Henley 360 Martindale Rd. 905-934-5146
McKenzie House 7 October Dr. 905-935-8248
Millpond B&B 1552 Regional Rd. 81 905-684-6314
Old Port Bed and Breakfast 73 Main St. 905-934-5761
Pond Side Bed and Breakfast 33 Johnston St. 905-934-9729
Read House, The 73 Dalhousie Ave. 905-934-7648
Regatta View 21 Pine St. 905-934-6593
Southridge House 90 South Dr. 905-682-7617
Spencerwood Estate 2814 Decew Rd. 905-688-5688
Springbank House 68 Yates St. 905-641-1713 or
Sycamore Shade 5 Rosemount Ave. 905-935-9211
SandCastle, The 36 Cambria Drive 905-934-4157
Trillium Hill Bed & Breakfast Inn 3420 9th St. Louth 905-684-4419
Tudor Creek House 388 Linwell Rd. 905-646-4948
Springbank House 68 Yates St. 905-641-1713
Wolseley Gardens 23 Wolseley Ave. 905-685-7650
Woodward House Bed & Breakfast 6 Carson Court 905-641-9866
Wooton House on the Water 2 Elgin St. 905-937-4696

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