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Congratulations. You've found the best place to market your business online in Niagara. The Niagara Guide.

Why does it work? It's simple.

1. 45,000+ Unique Visitors Every MONTH

Last month over 45 000 prospective customers visited The Niagara Guide Network looking for goods and services in Niagara. Some of them were looking for you.

2. Visitors are looking for something specific

The Internet is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from other media types. Instead of advertising interrupting people like commercials, people using the Internet are searching for information on specific topics. THEYare in charge of their activities. The Niagara Guide makes it easy for them to find you.

Why do people come to The Niagara Restaurant Guide? They're looking for a place to eat.

Why do they come to the Niagara Shopping Guide? They want to find a good place to spend their money.

When you advertise your business with The Niagara Guide, you are reaching people WHEN they need you and are most likely to patronize your business.

3. Direct e-mail keeps you in touch

A visit to a website is good. A REPEAT VISIT is even better.

We use the power of permission-based direct e-mail to keep in touch with our site visitors so you can market to them over and over again. Regularly reminding people of the specials and promotions you have for them and they'll remember you when they need you.


4. We provide a COMPLETE package

Successful companies use a variety of methods to communicate their message. Advertising. Marketing. Promotions. Public Relations. The Niagara Guide covers all the bases for you. Here's how it works:

5. You Only Pay For Performance

On the Internet, the following is true:

  • People don't visit webpages they're not interested in. When a person visits a webpage, they're interested in the information about the product or service provided on that page.

In other words, a visitor to YOUR webpage on The Niagara Guide is a good prospect for YOU. We believe there is value in having a motivated, interested person visit your webpage. A visitor to your webpage is interested in your product or service and is looking for someone to provide it.

There are four metrics we use to gauge the performance of your listing. Unique Visitors , Clickthroughs, Direct E-mail Contact, Referrals.* We assign a value to each of these actions and track how many people take those actions every month. The cost of advertising your business in The Niagara Guide depends on how many people take these actions.

For Example: In one month, your listing receives 100 unique visits. 20 visitors clicked the link to your website. 3 visitors contacted you directly by e-mail through The Niagara Guide. 1 visitor referred your business to a friend.

Unique Visit cost: $0.10 x 100 = $10.00
Clickthrough cost: $0.20 x 20 = $4.00
E-mail cost: $1.00 x 3 = $3.00
Referral cost: $0.10 x 1 = $0.10

Total Montly Cost of Advertising:

$17.10 + G.S.T.

The cost of advertising your business in The Niagara Guide depends on how many visitors take action. If nobody visits your listing, clicks through to your website, contacts you directly by e-mail or refers a friend, then either you provide a product or service few people are interested in, or we're not doing our jobs very well. Either way, your cost to advertise will be insignificant.

Conversely, if thousands of people visit your listing, click through to your website, contact you directly by e-mail and refer their friends, then you're getting great exposure and should be getting heaps of customers.** In this case, while your cost to advertise will be higher, it will be directly proportional to your success and will have paid for itself many times over!

6. 30-Day Free Demo!

We recognize paying for performance is a very new idea, so we're allowing all Niagara (Canada) companies to test the system out for a full 30-days. Take a full 30 days to test the system and get an idea how it can best work for you. We're confident you'll find it worth your while.

Note: there is a one-time $25 set up charge billed AFTER your 30-day free test-drive.

Get started with Niagara's most comprehensive and effective online marketing system today!

We look forward to meeting more Smart Marketers. Talk to you soon!

Best Regards,

Mark Kawabe
Chief Guide @ The Niagara Guide Inc.

* We measure "unique pageviews", defined as view of your webpage in The Niagara Guide by a unique visitor. We track unique pageviews using technology provided by Google Analytics. You will be provided access to those reports which are updated every 24 hours so you can see how many visitors your listing has had. We utilize special tracking pages to monitor how many clickthroughs, direct e-mail contacts and referrals generated from your listing.

** The purpose of The Niagara Guide is to provide online advertising, marketing, public relations and promotions for your business. It is a lead generation tool. The Niagara Guide is NOT a sales tool. That's YOUR job. We send you the leads. It's your job to convert those leads to sales. You are paying for the exposure and leads we generate for your company.

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