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How The Niagara Guide Network Works

The Niagara Guide Network covers topics that are of interest to local Niagara residents and tourists. The areas of interest covered make it more likely that a visitor to one of the sites in the network will visit another site. That one visitor will be exposed to a number of advertisers - and to some individual businesses many times.

How can this work for you? Here are some possible scenarios.

  • A couple announces their engagement. Soon after, the bride, groom or one of the members of the bridal party logs onto The Niagara Bridal Guide. The happy couple needs a caterer, a location to hold the reception, photographer, florist, videographer and many other service providers to make their special day go well.

  • A group of friends is coming to Niagara to see a play at The Shaw Festival. They need a place to stay, some suggestions on where to eat and somewhere for the women to golf while them guys are sampling some of Niagara's fine wines.
  • A local couple is entertaining friends from out of town. Like most locals, this couple only knows a few attractions and want to show their friends a good time. Being members of The Niagara Restaurant Guide, they know they can find anything they're looking for locally in The Niagara Guide Network. Logging on, they find a fabulous winery they never knew of and discover a great new restaurant. Needless to say, our hosts impress their friends with their extensive knowledge about Niagara wines and cuisine.

Whether your business has a website or not, The Niagara Guide Network can put the Internet to work for you. It makes existing websites work better by directing more qualified traffic to the site. For companies that don't yet have an Internet presence, it provides a cost-effective way to get started.

Click here to see what makes The Niagara Guide Network unique.

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